A Mother-Son Collaboration

This evening, my 8yo and I began a collaboration. He came up with most of the story and characters with some light input from me (and I got to come up with the Mom character), while I wrote his ideas onto post-it notes and arranged them on my Outline templates I just made a few days ago based on the 27 Chapter Plot Structure.

He was so excited and it was a lot of fun! So, I’ll be setting aside a few other things I was going to work on this month in favor of this collaborative project, but it will be worth it ❤

My favorite part, as I was doing the outlining with him tonight, was when we got to the Act Three blocks, and the first one was called “The Calm Before the Storm,” and then two blocks later he saw the block titled “Darkest Moment,” and he said to me, “How are these titles so perfect?!” I said to him, “Because whoever came up with this outline method was really smart.”

The novel is titled The Ink Master, and if I’m able to figure out how to do it, I think I’ll have it made into a book for him (and maybe a few additional copies to give out to the grandparents). I love supporting my children in their writing endeavors 🙂

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