What Am I Writing?

I’ve decided to put up occasional posts outlining what I’m working on and give a sort of “progress report.” Apparently I can’t just stick with one project at a time. Some days it feels like I’m not making much progress on any one thing, but when I look at my overall writing I feel a lot better. So, what are my projects?

The Big One: A fantasy trilogy, the first book of which I drafted last April, and then did a rewrite. I’ve been drafting Book Two since November (my NaNoWriMo project), and am nearing the end of Act 3 in that volume. I include the whole trilogy as one project, because as a discovery writer, I’ve decided it is better to finish (or at least draft) the entire trilogy before sending anything out to potential publishers, to avoid any discovery writing pitfalls, such as writing myself into a corner somewhere and being stuck with an unsatisfying ending because I already published Book One. It will take longer this way, but will be worth more for the wait.

Twitter Fiction/Microfiction: If you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter Compilations, you already know that I’ve been posting daily (nearly daily) microfiction stories on Twitter. I never had a Twitter account before, but when I decided to join the #writetober2020 challenge last October, I realized Twitter would be the perfect venue for sharing those stories, and that I could continue to write these bite-sized stories after the challenge ended. After creating my account and beginning to post, I realized several other writers have done the same thing, and have enjoyed many well-written microfiction stories from the Twitter fiction community.

Writing Prompts: I’ve found writing to prompts to be a great way to stretch my writing “muscles,” tackling genres and themes I might otherwise not have approached. These short/flash fiction stories can be found in my Writing Exercises compilation. In the month of February, I completed five of these stories. It feels good to be able to write these short stories from beginning to end– to bask in that accomplishment– as I whittle away at my trilogy.

A Memoir: The idea has been percolating in the back of my head since shortly after I began my job five years ago, working in a special education classroom. I’ve been compiling thoughts, memories, observations, and the like, with no real structure as yet. It will probably be several years before I get to the point of being ready to submit or publish anything, and I want to do so in a way that preserves the anonymity of the kids I work with and their families.

Future Projects: In addition to my active projects above, I’ve been contemplating more for the future. I would love to one day run a podcast for kids, reading short children’s stories that I plan to write. Also, if I can get comfortable enough with the idea, I would love to try my hand at a web serial. I had announced the plan to some of my friends to do a web serial a few years ago, but for one reason and another kept delaying. I realize now that it was probably for the best, and that if I can hone my writing skills more over the next few years, I’ll be able to produce a better quality story for my readers.

So, lots going on! In my own head, at least. Thanks to those of you who have followed me through my slow beginnings. Things are starting to pick up, and I’m excited to see where it all goes from here!

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