Prompt: mind-controlling wallpaper creates happy ending.


He had always lived in the small apartment. He was safe there. Nothing could hurt him. The downstairs neighbor brought him food sometimes, but he was rarely hungry.

He was safe. As long as he didn’t leave.

Outside, it was scary. He preferred not to open the windows. He never even watched the TV. He spent most of his days sitting on the sofa, staring at the wallpaper.

It was no ordinary wallpaper. It hypnotized him– held him captive. It made him forget.

Forget about the things that happened out there. They can’t hurt you anymore. Stay with me, the wallpaper beckoned. I will keep you safe. I will keep you calm. Your happiness is here. Not out there.

Out there is only destruction. Sorrow. Memory.

Embrace oblivion. 

There. You see? I told you it would be so.

He breathed his last, and collapsed on the sofa. When the neighbor found him, he had a smile on his face, and his eyes still gazed at the wall.

He had died happy, just as he’d been promised.

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