It’s In the Blood

I thought and thought about today’s Prompt from, and managed to type up some notes during my lunch break at work. I didn’t think it was going to be too difficult– the prompt allows for a whole 1000 words! My other three stories so far have been significantly shorter. But, as I made my notes the story in my head was way too complex for a mere 1000 words.

I started to write anyway, figuring I’d trim things down later. I’ve written at least 1000 words already, but am nowhere near getting to the ending suggested in the prompt. And it’s 9:00 PM now, so… It’s not happening. At least not today. I kind of like the idea, though, so I might make it a longer short story at some point.

Anyhow, since I don’t have an actual story to share today, I thought I’d put up the “notes” I took, as I hashed out my ideas for this story– maybe they’ll give some insight into a writer’s thought process. Here they are, unedited (because the final story may end up being nothing like the notes, haha):

[Note: the prompt was to write a story with the ending, “That’s how a small cut in her finger led to the end of the world.”]

Girl lives in a “bubble,” constantly guarded from any physical harm. One day she cuts her finger, releasing something dangerous that lives beneath her skin.


A virus?

An alien toxin?

She learns that she was created, not born. For the purpose of keeping the threat contained. 

It must be something organic– or something that requires an organic host to survive.

Probably a virus. Not nanobots.

She escapes from her confinement, and explores a bit before being discovered and returned to her room. She keeps the cut on her finger hidden.

Her caretakers don’t realize what’s happened until they start experiencing disturbing symptoms.

Her caretakers are afraid to report at first, as they know they’ll lose their funding. They try to isolate themselves and contain the infection, but it spreads anyway. 

They finally confess what has happened, and as predicted they are ordered to shut down their project. That means disabling the girl, and somehow destroying the virus within her. They can’t bring themselves to do this, and they hide the girl.

Why did they want to keep the virus alive in the first place? Did they think it had some potential to do something good? Cure a disease? Was it intended for bio-warfare?

The virus continues to spread, and people grow angry. War breaks out amid the pandemic. The two scientists are executed for “war crimes,” and a new worldwide regime rises up to oppress the people.

Is this too close to home right now? Haha.

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