Transcript of Treason

Today’s Prompt is from, by Julie Duffy. The assignment was to show an interview with a character about an invention they made that changed the world. I combined this prompt with the prompt from May 4th.


[Wurlitzer] Good evening, Citizens of Earth. My name is Wes Wurlitzer, with The Global Network. We bring you a special interview tonight, with the man responsible for– well, that goes without saying once you hear his name. Tonight, we are at Jorgensen Prison, to meet with none other than Julian Vermeer, who has spent the last fifteen years in isolation while the world outside has suffered for his crimes. For fifteen years, he has kept silent on the whole truth of what happened that fateful night, when a deadly virus of his own invention was turned loose on the world. Tonight, he breaks that silence to speak with us, your humble Press, just days before his scheduled execution. Now, I await him in this room you see, fit with a plexiglass screen to keep me safe, so there’s nothing to fear. Oh, Micah’s just muttered in my ear, that maybe the glass is to keep Mr. Vermeer safe from me. Now, Micah, I’m just an objective reporter here tonight. Our audience at home may feel whatever they like toward the man, but I am determined to keep my head on the ice here. Ah, here’s the man himself.

[Vermeer] [Unintelligible]

[Wurlitzer] Pardon, Mr. Vermeer? I think our audience would like to hear what you have to say.

[Vermeer] Damn your audience. It was supposed to be a private interview.

[Wurlitzer] Ah. But my network decided last-minute that this needed to be aired to the world. I tried to dial back, but, you know how it is these days; they took their case directly to President McMorland, and– well, here we are.

[Vermeer] [redacted]

[Wurlitzer] Please, Mr. Vermeer. This is your last chance to clear your conscience, you know. Don’t let a formality get in the way. Remember, you asked me to come.

[Vermeer] Very well. Ask me your– burning questions.

[Wurlitzer] Thank you. I have several here, submitted by our viewers. The first I would like to ask is, Why did you do it?

[Vermeer] Ha. Start with the easy one, eh? I wanted to change the world, just like everyone.

[Wurlitzer] Well, you certainly did that.

[Vermeer] Of course, it didn’t go down at all the way I’d intended. 

[Wurlitzer] How is that?

[Vermeer] How did I expect it to be? … Well for starters, I intended to maintain control of my– weapon. Not let it loose on the entire population.

[Wurlitzer] But if that was the case, why did you keep the fact of its decontainment hidden for three months? Even after it killed your partner, Mathilda Greene? 

[Vermeer] Please, don’t bring her into this.

[Wurlitzer] And in the court hearings, it was revealed that you had a child– a girl– living in a room deep within your laboratory. What was her role in your scheme?

[Vermeer] If you’ve watched the hearings, then you already know the answer to that. 

[Wurlitzer] Fair enough. For the sake of my listeners– since Mr. Vermeer will not answer the question– The girl was found to contain the origin of the fabricated virus within her blood cells. It is believed, after an extensive autopsy, that–

[Vermeer] [unintelligible]

[Wurlitzer] Excuse me?

[Vermeer] [redacted]

[Wurlitzer] Pardon, Citizens. I’ve just been informed that it’s time for a commercial break.

[Vermeer] [redacted]

[Wurlitzer] Good evening, Citizens of Earth. Unfortunately, our interview for tonight must be cut short, per provisions cited during our commercial break. Mr. Julian Vermeer is back in custody, and the rest of his story– sadly– unaired. If you wish to obtain any more available facts on the subject of Mr. Vermeer’s treason against humanity, you may call in to speak with our senior correspondent handling the case. Remember to tune in Thursday evening at 7:00 for the culmination of Mr. Vermeer’s trial, which will end with his public execution aired live with a three-minute lag to allow for sanction-checking, but don’t worry– the impact of the execution on this most hated criminal will be sure to be shown in its fullness, for the satisfaction of all watching. Viewers, be advised that this programming may not be suitable for children of a more sensitive age or nature; but on the other hand, is it ever too early to teach a child the consequences of the abuse of scientific knowledge and advancement? I’m Wes Wurlitzer. I bid you goodnight.


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