A Letter To My Past Self

Today’s Prompt from storyaday.org, by Julie Duffy, is not an exciting one for me. The directive is to write a letter to my past self as a fourteen-year-old, addressing any worries or insecurities I had back then. I have two problems with that:

  1. I really don’t like writing about myself; I’d rather write FICTION. Whenever I have to write about myself, it’s a struggle. Like, even this post is… well, not fun to write. I will sometimes put bits and parts of my life into my fiction, but it’s still ultimately fiction. I’ve lived my life– why would I want to relive it? I realize that’s not everyone’s attitude, but it’s mine.
  2. I honestly can’t remember having a whole lot of worries or insecurities as a fourteen-year-old. That all came a couple years later. Fourteen was a good year for me; I have no complaints.

If I do get around to writing my past self a letter, first of all I won’t share the whole thing here because I can’t expect anyone else to care about it more than I do. I will just say, a couple of things I might say to my fourteen-year-old self could be: Keep writing your stories; and Care a little more about your history classes.

That’s pretty much it. And today was a long day, and I’m tired. Really just not feeling the nostalgia. I enjoyed a nice evening with my family, though, taking a long walk, playing a board game, and listening to a podcast together. Why dwell on the past when I have the present to live right now?

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