Today’s Prompt from, by Julie Duffy, is to write a 100-word story. Any genre, any topic. I’ve gotten pretty practiced at writing microfiction so this was easy for me. At least, once I come up with the topic it’s easy. For this tale, I decided to write about someone who had a bit of trouble settling on her own story…

Sasha had a story to write. She knew it was there, in her mind, somewhere. She felt it rolling around one morning when she woke up, only to settle somewhere unreachable by the time she left her bed. She puzzled over it in the shower. She attempted to recall the right words while nursing her coffee and pastry at the kitchen table. It completely left her mind at work. But during her dinner date with Nate, it suddenly came to her and she excused herself to feverishly thumb out her thoughts on her phone while pretending to use the restroom.

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