Good Intentions

Today’s Prompt from by Julie Duffy, was to write a story in the form of a list.

Things To Do Today:

Read/study ✔️

Write essay ✔️

Lit class 10:00 ✔️


Prep for Kyle’s birthday ✔️

Choir rehearsal 1:30 ✔️

Pick up dog from Margot’s house 3:00 ✔️

Call Grandma

Return dress to Target ✔️

Dinner at Hiro’s 6:30 ✔️

Things To Do Today:

Laundry ✔️

Clean bathroom ✔️

Psych group project meeting 10:00 ✔️

Math class 11:00 ✔️

Walk dog ✔️

Call Grandma

Grocery shopping- don’t forget Kyle’s cake! ✔️

Birthday party!!! 7:00 ✔️

Things To Do Today:

Shave legs ✔️

Hand wash dress/Iron ✔️

Call Grandma

Walk dog ✔️

Nail appointment w/ Mindy 10:00 ✔️

Lunch at diner 11:00 ✔️

Process photos from party

Pick up project board from Josh 2:30 ✔️

Work on project board

Choir concert! ✔️

Things To Do Today:

Church ✔️

Call Grandma

Return dog to Margot ✔️

Hang out with Kyle ✔️

Work on project board- due tomorrow!

Dinner with Jensens

Things To Do Today:

Order plane ticket

Email professors


Call Grandpa

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