Book Review: The Ivies, by Alexa Donne

About a year ago, I posted a book review for the debut novel by Alexa Donne, titled Brightly Burning. It was not a complimentary review, though I did say I would continue to follow her and check out future novels.

And so I have. When Ms. Donne began talk about her third and upcoming thriller novel, The Ivies, on her YouTube channel, I decided to check it out. I enjoyed this book much more than I did her first. It’s a different genre, so that helps. She’s also grown as a writer.

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The characters in this novel were well-written and interesting, and their relationships complex. The mystery was intriguing, and the ending unexpected. While it took me almost a month to work my way through Brightly Burning, I read The Ivies in just a few days. In other words, it was a page-turner.

If you enjoy YA thrillers and mysteries, you should check out The Ivies.

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