Heroes of Berea 1.C

Previous What is this? Next OREILIN Oreilin awoke in a panic, unsure of where she was for several moments. Everything felt wrong– smelled wrong. Her body’s clock told her it was morning, but a morning without sunlight. Her bedroom window back home faced full east, so was it overcast outside? No. Now she remembered. ThisContinue reading “Heroes of Berea 1.C”

Heroes of Berea, 1.A

What is this? Next OREILIN The ground was wet. Oreilin could smell it before she even stepped off the dirigible landing. But it wasn’t the dampness that surprised her. It was the loam. “I thought we were going to a city,” she said, turning to her guide, Rodget. “Somewhere covered in concrete and artificial turf?”Continue reading “Heroes of Berea, 1.A”

NYC Midnight Microfiction Contest, Story and Feedback

Two months ago, I entered a writing contest/challenge by NYC Midnight. I wrote three stories, and selected one to submit. My other two stories can be read here. I finally got my judges’ feedback today. Here’s the story: The best way to ride a flying carpet was squatting– hands gripping the pile, ready to roll,Continue reading “NYC Midnight Microfiction Contest, Story and Feedback”

Book Review: The Ivies, by Alexa Donne

About a year ago, I posted a book review for the debut novel by Alexa Donne, titled Brightly Burning. It was not a complimentary review, though I did say I would continue to follow her and check out future novels. And so I have. When Ms. Donne began talk about her third and upcoming thrillerContinue reading “Book Review: The Ivies, by Alexa Donne”