A Letter To My Past Self

Today’s Prompt from storyaday.org, by Julie Duffy, is not an exciting one for me. The directive is to write a letter to my past self as a fourteen-year-old, addressing any worries or insecurities I had back then. I have two problems with that: I really don’t like writing about myself; I’d rather write FICTION. WheneverContinue reading “A Letter To My Past Self”

Transcript of Treason

Today’s Prompt is from storyaday.org, by Julie Duffy. The assignment was to show an interview with a character about an invention they made that changed the world. I combined this prompt with the prompt from May 4th. [START TRANSCRIPT] [Wurlitzer] Good evening, Citizens of Earth. My name is Wes Wurlitzer, with The Global Network. WeContinue reading “Transcript of Treason”

Rusty Old Wrench

The Prompt for this story comes from storyaday.org, by Julie Duffy. I further challenged myself with this prompt by writing it completely in dialogue. “Derek! I have a surprise for you!” “You know I hate surprises.” “I know. But just humor me?” “Oh, fine.” “Close your eyes. Come with me…” “It’s in the backyard?” “Maybe…”Continue reading “Rusty Old Wrench”