Can I make a confession?

I feel like I have to say something, because several months ago I tried to perform a character analysis on some of the characters from a book I’d recently read: Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. I checked out a couple of Gaiman’s books as highly-recommended by some other authors/book reviewers. That post has gotten more views thanContinue reading “Can I make a confession?”

I am now on Instagram!

I’ve never had an Instagram account before, but I thought of a good writer angle. If you are an Instagram user, check it out Here. I will be posting (more or less) daily pictures to inspire and intrigue. All my writing-related social media accounts can also be found in the upper right corner of thisContinue reading “I am now on Instagram!”

A Brief Update

Just coming on here to say… I’M WRITING A MUSICAL! Outlined in a day, ten songs written in one week (well, the lyrics), and got started on the script. The hardest/longest part is going to be the music. I might outsource that part… But it’s so fun and I’m loving it! Okay, that’s all IContinue reading “A Brief Update”


Prompt: mind-controlling wallpaper creates happy ending. +++++ He had always lived in the small apartment. He was safe there. Nothing could hurt him. The downstairs neighbor brought him food sometimes, but he was rarely hungry. He was safe. As long as he didn’t leave. Outside, it was scary. He preferred not to open the windows.Continue reading “Safety”

What Am I Writing?

I’ve decided to put up occasional posts outlining what I’m working on and give a sort of “progress report.” Apparently I can’t just stick with one project at a time. Some days it feels like I’m not making much progress on any one thing, but when I look at my overall writing I feel aContinue reading “What Am I Writing?”

It Was Green

Prompt: The color of her blood was the least of my worries. Genre: sci-fi (Prompt courtesy of +++++ The color of her blood was the least of my worries. Scratch that– it was the second least of my worries. The very least was the pain radiating from my left toe which I’d just stubbedContinue reading “It Was Green”

Belle of the Ball

 Prompt: A balloon. A ball. Balustrades. Genre: Horror.  +++++ Belle said goodbye to her mom through the car window, excited to attend her first dance at her new school. The student body had rented the old Bailey Mansion for the annual Halloween Masquerade Ball: A haunted house for a ghoulishly good time, the posters hadContinue reading “Belle of the Ball”


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