Rusty Old Wrench

The Prompt for this story comes from, by Julie Duffy. I further challenged myself with this prompt by writing it completely in dialogue. “Derek! I have a surprise for you!” “You know I hate surprises.” “I know. But just humor me?” “Oh, fine.” “Close your eyes. Come with me…” “It’s in the backyard?” “Maybe…”Continue reading “Rusty Old Wrench”

It’s In the Blood

I thought and thought about today’s Prompt from, and managed to type up some notes during my lunch break at work. I didn’t think it was going to be too difficult– the prompt allows for a whole 1000 words! My other three stories so far have been significantly shorter. But, as I made myContinue reading “It’s In the Blood”


The Prompt for this story is from, by Julie Duffy. A young boy dug a hole, fighting with the big shovel until he’d made a space deep enough to lower the pine sapling into it. “Mom, can you help me?”  Together, they packed the loose soil around the sapling. Mom brought over some rocksContinue reading “Sapling”

Ice Palace

Today’s Prompt comes from Day 2 of StoryADayMay, hosted by Julie Duffy at My heart throbs in my chest as I pull my robes tighter and climb up the steps of the palace, which have been lined with blue argyle-print denim to prevent slipping. Still, I don’t quite trust the ice underneath and takeContinue reading “Ice Palace”

The Bridge

The Prompt for this story comes from by Julie Duffy. The thing I wanted most from my life was to be able to tell myself– at the end– that I had learned everything I possibly could about the world in the time allotted to me. To that end, I set out to pursue myContinue reading “The Bridge”

Can I make a confession?

I feel like I have to say something, because several months ago I tried to perform a character analysis on some of the characters from a book I’d recently read: Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. I checked out a couple of Gaiman’s books as highly-recommended by some other authors/book reviewers. That post has gotten more views thanContinue reading “Can I make a confession?”


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