Book Review: Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler

I read Octavia E. Butler’s novel Kindred back in August, and it’s a book that has stuck with me long since I closed it and returned it to the public library. There– that should be review enough. ***** I adored this book. I have recommended it to friends. It’s the kind of book that makesContinue reading “Book Review: Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler”

“Return to Madness” Judges’ Feedback and Rewrite

Back in November, I entered a writing contest with my original story Return to Madness. I did not win through to the next round, but I did receive some good input from my judges. With that input– along with a couple of minor self-edits– I have reworked the story a bit, while remaining within theContinue reading ““Return to Madness” Judges’ Feedback and Rewrite”

Short Story: Return to Madness

The following flash fiction story is my entry into the NYC Midnight flash fiction writing contest. I was assigned a genre (horror/thriller), an action that must be included in the story (chewing gum), and a word that must appear within the story’s text (grip). I titled the story Return to Madness, then after submission thoughtContinue reading “Short Story: Return to Madness”

And Now I’ve Gone and Joined a Book Club…

As if I didn’t have enough to do with my time, I accepted an invitation to join a book club with some other local women I know. I’m actually pretty happy about it, but at the same time, uh… That’s one less evening a month I’ll have to devote to writing. But it’ll be goodContinue reading “And Now I’ve Gone and Joined a Book Club…”

Book Review: Brightly Burning, by Alexa Donne

Alternately titled: Yes, It Is Possible To Like a Person Without Loving What They Write. The last couple of months, I have enjoyed watching and following the YouTube Channel of traditionally published YA author, Alexa Donne. I like her, I like her videos, she has some fantastic advice to share with aspiring writers interested inContinue reading “Book Review: Brightly Burning, by Alexa Donne”

Spiderman: The Perfect Plot?

Last week, my family watched Spiderman together– the one starring Tobey Maguire. It’s one I’ve seen a few times before, but this was my first time watching it while being educated about story structure. I have to say, I was impressed. What is it about this movie that makes it such an excellent example ofContinue reading “Spiderman: The Perfect Plot?”