Heroes of Berea: A Web Serial

Brought together by unexpected circumstances, a group of Enhanced humans join forces to combat the evil that has been slowly overtaking their world. The problem is, society– led by a mysterious Emperor– believes they are the evil ones who must be eradicated.

Introducing Heroes of Berea, a speculative fiction web serial, beginning Saturday, August 28th 2021. Chapters will be posted weekly on Saturdays.

I am posting as I write, so we’ll see how it goes! I am convinced that a good story can be told if it has good solid characters, and it’s not necessary to know everything in advance for plot purposes. I am a discovery writer and enjoy letting my characters help me develop my story! I know it won’t all be perfect, and there will be small errors along the way. If, as you read, you have questions, criticisms, or other thoughts on what’s good/needs improving I am 100% open; please leave comments either in the comments section or via email.

If you like the opening chapters, please subscribe for weekly updates, and share with your friends either irl or on social media. Eventually I might add a Patreon account, but for now please just enjoy my humble offering and– again– share with friends you think might enjoy it, too, it would help me out immensely. Thanks!

Volumes and Chapters:

Volume 1, Chapter A

Volume 1, Chapter B

Volume 1, Chapter C

Volume 1, Chapter D

Volume 1, Chapter E

Volume 1, Chapter F

Volume 1, Chapter G

Volume 1, Chapter H

Volume 1, Chapter I

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