StoryADayMay: A Writing Challenge From Julie Duffy

An author by the name of Julie Duffy hosts a writing challenge in May, with daily short story writing prompts. This year, I decided to participate. Her prompts can be found at I will be sharing my daily stories here:

UPDATE: May is over, and I’m feeling pretty good about this accomplishment! I did miss a few days/didn’t finish the prompt, but overall I stuck to it and now I have some fun new stories! Some are definitely better than others, and all could use refining if not downright rewriting. Some are more suited to the recycling bin.

I’ve starred my personal favorites.

May 1st, The Bridge

May 2nd, Ice Palace

May 3rd, Sapling

May 4th, It’s In the Blood

May 5, Rusty Old Wrench

May 6th, Transcript of Treason

May 7th, School Play

May 8th, Literature Liturgy

May 9th, Six Word Stories of May

May 10th, A Letter To My Past Self

May 11th, Eureka!

May 12, Cave Dwellers

May 13, Pinking Shears

May 14th, Lingering

May 15th to-be-written-later

May 16, Metamorphosis

May 17, Farewell to Paradise

May 18, A Llama for Passion

May 19, Charmed Life

May 20th to-be-written-later

May 21, Water Lily

May 22nd to-be-written-later

May 23, Good Intentions

May 24, Music in Winter

May 25, Tomorrow and a Date

May 26th, to-be-written-later

May 27, Ghosts For the Greater Good

May 28, Objections

May 29, Driving With Children

May 30th, to-be-written-later

May 31st, to-be-written-later

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